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We've been in the information verification space since 2006, offering our services to Indian and global organizations. We are now extending these services to individual customers like you through


Employment Verification
We help you take the right decisions based on validated and verified employment.

Education Verification
False educational claims are one of the most common background check issues.

Address Verification
We conduct Physical address check of the candidate's residence by way of site visits through our field staff.

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Your firm has done a great job of verifying our new employees. We now offer you loads of good wishes for

Nathaniel Sasikar, Vice President-Human Resources
3M India.

It was better to get into marriage with some critical facts established...

Sunitha Ramanathan,
29 years

While maintaining confidentiality and providing proof of verification (See sample product), we refund 100% of the fees charged, if we are unable to complete your verification.
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Safety net for girls marrying NRIs Bangalore: If youre actively engaged in arranging your daughters marriage to an NRI...

Wed, duped, dumped
According to one estimate, up to 20,000 women have been abandoned by their non-resident Indian (NRI) husbands.

Marriage Fraud Is Booming In India, pose as NRI
The numbers of cyber crime increased from 640 in year 1993 to 2, 82,000 cases in year 2000.