Why Conduct a Court Record Check of an Individual?

Criminal Background Checks are conducted to verify whether a candidate has any criminal record or not. If you are an employer, verifying the background of an employee is a must for the well being of the organization. If you are a landlord, verifying the tenant's background puts your mind at ease about renting your house.

The main basis of conducting a court record check is to verify if one is dealing with an honest and trustworthy person. It ensures the safety of your loved ones, your property and your organization.

A Court Record Check must be conducted thoroughly to exposure serious criminal tendencies of the candidate like drug abuse, kidnapping, smuggling etc.

What We Check

  • Through access to exclusive databases, checks for any pending court cases registered in the name of the candidate.
  • These checks obtain and review records from criminal and civil courts to determine if the candidate was a witness, victim, suspect or perpetrator of any crime.

Who requires our Court Record Check Services?

  • Employers
  • If you are getting married to a person staying abroad.
  • Landlord / Landlady

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