Why Employment Verification?

We ask, Why Not? Whether you are a parent searching a match for your son or daughter or a landlord renting out your precious house to a tenant, getting the employment details of the concerned person verified will ease your worries and unburden you from future worries. Also you are assured of the fact that the verified person has a regular source of income, as he has quoted. We provide details regarding his conduct in the organization, disciplinary actions and the total period of employment.

As the world grows smaller and people possess International Employment experience, Total Vishwas's International Employment Verification Service also allows you to verify a person working outside India. We offer employment verification services for countries across the globe.

Total Vishwas provides Employment Verification Services which will help you in taking the right decision based on validated and verified employment.

Our Process

  • We contact the concerned department of the current organization & verify the details provided to us.
  • If required, our officers go to the organization personally and get the employment details verified.

Total Vishwas also provides Employment Screening Services of a person working outside India. We ensure that you don't worry unnecessarily over details that can be researched accurately and extensively by our experts.

Still not Satisfied?

Read what Mr. Mayuresh Gupta has to say about us:

My daughter is 24 and we were looking for a prospective groom for her. I had enrolled her into our community specific marriage site. She is an architect and kept getting proposals from software engineers in USA.

But I had to be sure if I was sending my only daughter overseas. I used the service of totalVishwas.com and realized that the person whom she was chatting with, had lost his job 4 months back.

We were saved by the skin of our teeth. A big thanks to TotalVishwas.com.

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