1) Is there a membership Fee?
No, there is no membership. You can register free of cost.

2) Does totalVishwas share its database with others or participate in spam E Mail programs? No, totalVishwas does not share its database with 3rd parties and it does not participate in spam E Mail programs. Hence, unless there is a specific acceptance from any customer we will not share our database to any 3rd party. The only E mail you are likely to receive is the Welcome letter. Only Important E mails will be sent to you.

3) What is the procedure for registration?
It is very simple. You require only valid E Mail ID. Just enter your personal details like your name, address and contact numbers. After entering these details, the mail will be sent your Mail ID provided at the time of registration. In the mail, link is provided for confirmation of your Mail ID. Once you click on the link, you will become the active member. Once you are active member, you can avail any of the services provided.

4) How long are you in this business?
totalVishwas is promoted by EVAluationz India Pvt Ltd is in verification field since 2005.

5) How do I Pay?
totalVishwas requires an online payment at the time of ordering any of the services. You can pay by either Visa or Master Card or Online transfer. The payments are processed through CC Avenues & HDFC which are one of the India's largest payment processors. Your payment is processed in a secure and confidential environment. totalVishwas dose not keep member's credit card/Account information on file under any circumstances

6) What is the turn around time for the reports?
totalVishwas gives the report in 15 working days. In the case of holidays then the same will be extended to two working days.

7) Do you take cases from all over India?
Yes we take cases from all over India

8) How sure am I about authenticity of information?
We as a company very strongly believe in giving accurate information to our clients. Whenever we are not completely sure of the information we would state so. However whenever possible our Screenings are supported with proofs of visits. We however don't take any direct legal or other liability in case any information leads to financial or other loss to the client.

9) What will happen if totalVishwas is not able to give report, will money given be refunded?
If the report cannot be given due to any specific reason the company will refund 100% charges collected from the customer. This is an initial offer by the portal to its customers and the firm reserves the right to reverse of alter such an offer at any given point in time.

10) What will be legal liability of totalVishwas in respect of data provided?
We don't take any legal or other liability in case any person incurs any loss due to any information provided by the site

11) What if I have a question that is not answered here?
If you have a new question, or if you wish to contact us for any reason, please feel free to email support@totalVishwas.com or call us at 080-40460406. We'd love to hear from you and will get back to you as soon as we are able to!