Why Verify the Marital Status of an Individual?

In today's day and age, verifying an individual's marital status has become very important.

With the increase in popularity of online marriage communities, cases of individuals fabricating their marital status is also on rise. Verifying your prospective partner's marital status not only relieves you of a burden but also help build a bond of trust with them.

Whether you are a Landlord or an Organization providing accommodation to married couples, Our Marriage Verification Service is best suited for your needs. So go ahead and ensure that you are not conned by anybody faking their marital status.

Still not Convinced, Read this

Bangalore 4 September 2009: Tushar Bapat, an employee of Air India was arrested by the Navghar Police for marrying 14 women in the last two and a half years. Waghmare who had registered his profile with a marriage portal mentioned that he was a divorced since 2006. None of the women or their parents ever thought of doing a background check on him as they would be impressed with his job profile,said DCP (Zone VII) R M Vhatkar. Three of the women Waghmare married were architects or engineers, police officials said, and the others were homemakers.

What We Check

  • We help you validate and verify the authenticity of the certificate of marriage/divorce.
  • We ensure that documents have been verified by an issuing authority.
  • This verification can be done by sending us the photocopy of the document to be verified.

Who requires our Marital Status Verification Service?

  • If you are getting married to a divorce.
  • A Landlord / Landlady renting rooms only to married couple.
  • Organization providing accommodations to married employees.

Still not Satisfied?

Read what Ms. Sunitha Ramanathan from Bangalore has to say about us:

My I was tehn reffered to by a friend.Their discreet and prompt service got me facts of the case and helped me take a better decision with my marriage amd my life.

It was better to get into marriage with some critical facts established than living with suspicion.

We were saved by the skin of our teeth. A big thanks to

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