About totalVishwas.com

totalVishwas.com is India's 1st Verification Portal and a verification brand of Evaluationz India Pvt. Ltd.

In a challenging environment where data is highly dispersed and people related risks are all pervasive, our firm EVAluationz India Pvt. Ltd., brings to the customer an easier and reliable source of verification.

In our daily lives, all of us encounter moments where the originality of information is not known. In our day to day encounters, we wish there was that bit of option to cross check information that plays a nagging doubt in our minds. It is with this sole purpose that totalVishwas.com brings to the customer a solution platform geared to make life dependable and trustworthy, totally. We at totalVishwas.com offer you a platform to check information by taking it to the source of origin, verifying the same, giving you complete peace of mind,...or what we like to call 'Total Vishwas'.

The objective of our portal is to ease your doubts and address some of your fears that impact any relationship. Just verifying and cross checking these fears will help you start any new relationships or even the existing ones on a positive note. Life is all about positive perspectives you share and we help you develop that.

The verification of information is handled by our parent company EVAluationz India Pvt. Ltd. EVAluationz is among the earliest online business verification players in India. totalVishwas.com, the first in the retail verification space, is a logical extension of a very large vision. Having worked with both Indian and MNC clients since 2006, we have ensured time and again that our values are the most important factor in the delivery of our work and relationship with our clients.

EVAluationz India Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 27001:2005 certified company and is also an India member of NASSCOM NSR and an international member of the NAPBS, USA.

Visit www.evaluationz.com to learn more.