Why Should You opt for Pre Tenancy Address Verification?

In today's tenancy environment there are high and low risk tenants which impact a landlord's fundamental security of their realty investments. At we offer reliable verification of the information of the potential or existing tenant as the case may be. We crosscheck the details provided by the tenant and confirm their authenticity. Tenant verification is provided for residences and offices.

Who requires our Address Verification Services:

  • A landlord who wants to authenticate your tenant's identity
  • A tenant who wants to verify their Landlords authenticity.
  • A landlord who wants to know tenant's previous address and his credibility.
  • To prevent misuse of the property and ensure the security of your property

Our Process

  • Our field staff discreetly verifies a candidate's address by personally visiting the site of residence.
  • In case of a person not being present at the specified address, Information is gathered from neighbors and another day is chosen to visit the specified address.

Still not Satisfied?

Read what Mr. Rajendra Pranjpe has to say about us:

I had invested in real estate in India and with all tenancy laws and related fears, I was keen to just make sure whom i had offered my apartment for rent. did the job.They checked antecedents of the tenant and kept checking occupacy intermittently.They were prompt,discreet and most importantly factual.

We were saved by the skin of our teeth. A big thanks to

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