Sunitha Ramanathan - aged 29 years - Bangalore

I was then referred to totalVishwas.com by a friend. Their discreet and prompt service got me facts of the case and helped me take a better decision with my marriage and my life.

It was better to get into marriage with some critical facts established than living with suspicion. Thank You totalVishwas.com.

Radhika Gandhi - age 32 - married- settled in India

I had enrolled my sister into an online matrimonial portal. We were quite in a state of flux because there seemed to be an inherent risk in just going by the snap and general details. With totalVishwas.com, there seemed some way out. We were able to get a complete background check on the shortlisted grooms educational qualifications and work related matters.

It gave us the confidence to trust and go ahead with the process of finding the right groom for my sister.

Mayuresh Gupta - age 58 - business man, Baroda.

My daughter is 24 and we were looking for a prospective groom for her. I had enrolled her into our community specific marriage site. She is an architect and she kept getting proposals from software engineers in the USA.

But I had to be sure if I was sending my only daughter overseas. I used the service of totalVishwas.com and realised that the person whom she was chatting with, had lost his job 4 months back

We were saved by the skin of our teeth. Thanks to totalVishwas.com.

Rajendra Paranjpe - aged 45 years - Atlanta - USA

I had invested in real estate in India and with all tenancy laws and related fears, I was keen to just make sure whom I had offered my apartment for rent.

totalVishwas.com did the job. They checked antecedents of the tenant and kept checking occupancy intermittently. They were prompt, discreet and most importantly factual.