You can earn up to 25% of the verification charges plus rewards as a VishwasMitra

You can add a 'trust factor' to your clients. Be a VishwasMitra.

VishwasMitra is a franchisee program targeted towards individuals/agencies/businesses/ partners who wish to offer value added services of verification to their customers, thereby bringing in an additional layer of credibility to their own services.

Importantly, VishwasMitra is geared to develop partners who evangelize to their customers, a simple but important concept of 'Trust but Verify' in all their new developing relationships.

You will be offering those services to your customers which otherwise were not possibly open to you so far. This is because is India's 1st Verification Portal and through this, all our services in the country is therefore unique and ahead of others.

We offer you 3 Membership plans which include loyalty programs and price benefits and are geared to add value to you and your customers. Please do download the VishwasMitra Brochure here.

Our Membership/Loyalty Plan

Membership Graduation Slab Commission on overall billing
Standard On registration 5% or Rs 100
whichever is higher
Silver After verification of 30 unique customers* 10%
Gold After verification of 70 unique customers* 15% +
Exciting reward plans
* Customers are persons who are verified.

IMPORTANT: You can get an additional 10% of the professional charges if as a VishwasMitra you promote on your website.
This additional 10% is applicable only if customers link up from our advertisement on your website for requesting a service.
You will need to contact our Support Desk to seek clarifications if any and collect our advertisement to configure the same to your VishwasMitra membership,
before uploading the same advertisement on your website.
Decision to accept such participation will solely be taken by the management of

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